The Checklist Manifesto ebook by Atul Gawande
Business , Self Improving , Technology / January 6, 2011

Download The Checklist Manifesto ebook by Atul Gawande to know the importance of organization and pre-planning (such as thorough checklists) in both medicine and the larger world. In the modern world, an errors caused by two things. First, the error due to ignorance, and the second one is an errors because of ineptitude. Author begins his book with an explanation to differentiate the two kinds of errors. With the style of “storyteller”, the authors emphasize that an expert would make progress if he admits that he needs help. ebook review and free download: With a title like The Checklist Manifesto, it would be natural to expect that Atul Gawande is bent on revolutionizing that most loved-hated activity of workers the world over: the to-do list. But it’s not the list itself he wants to change; there are no programmatic steps or tables here to help you reshuffle daily tasks. What you’ll find instead is a remarkably liberating and persuasive inquiry into what it takes to work successfully and with a personal sense of satisfaction. The first thing you’ll realize is that it takes more than just one person to do a job well. This is a toppling revelation made all…

The Business of IT: How to Improve Service and Lower Costs ebook download
Business , Technology / January 4, 2011

The Business of IT: How to Improve Service and Lower Costs book provides a lot of guidance to applying proven methodologies in IT leadership. Supported by the facts in the real world and step by steps guide for implementation. This book is very useful for those who do not know where to start or for those who want to improve the practices that have been applied previously. The book is also useful for those who are looking for ways to improve IT performance management, IT financial management and IT business practices such as ITIL. ebook review and free download: Drive More Business Value from IT…and Bridge the Gap Between IT and Business Leadership. >Apply business practices throughout IT to optimize budgets and improve ROI >Create higher satisfaction and more realistic expectations for IT throughout the business >Written by two leading IBM experts on bringing business discipline to IT IT organizations have achieved outstanding technological maturity, but many have been slower to adopt world-class business practices. This book provides IT and business executives with methods to achieve greater business discipline throughout IT, collaborate more effectively, sharpen focus on the customer, and drive greater value from IT investment. The book focuses on…

eBook Download (pdf): Best iPhone Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders
Technology / December 9, 2009

If you want to load your iPhone or iPod Touch with some interesting apps, odds are you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of choices at Apple’s App Store–all 35,000 of them (and counting). What you need is a reliable guide to the best, most useful, and most entertaining iPhone apps, concisely cataloged and described. Well, look no further, because Best iPhone Apps is on its way! Full of colorful and helpful illustrations, this one-of-a-kind catalog gives you the quick lowdown on each app, with brief tips on how to use it. No other guide can help you sort through the wealth of iPhone apps to find the true nuggets. Written by Missing Manual author and iWork specialist Josh Clark, Best iPhone Apps is the guide for discriminating downloaders.

eBook Download (pdf): Robotics
Technology / December 9, 2009

Review: This up-to-date text and reference is designed to present the fundamental principles of robotics with a strong emphasis on engineering applications and industrial solutions based on robotic technology. It can be used by practicing engineers and scientists — or as a text in standard university courses in robotics. The book has extensive coverage of the major robotic classifications, including Wheeled Mobile Robots, Legged Robots, and the Robotic Manipulator. A central theme is the importance of kinematics to robotic principles. The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM with MATLAB simulations.