Happy Chaos by Soleil Moon Frye

Happy Chaos is a parenting memoir book of Punky Brewster’s star Soleil Moon Frye. Published by Dutton Adult this 256 book will available in store on August 18th 2011. Summary From Punky to parenting, Soleil Moon Frye shares insightful, realistic, in-the-trenches parenting advice, inspiration, and fun. Enthusiastic, spunky, and positive, Punky Brewster was the quintessential eighties kid. Nearly thirty years later, Soleil Moon Frye-the adorable girl who played her on TV-is all grown up. Now she’s a married mom of two, an entrepreneur who parlayed her successful kids’ clothing line into a partnership with Target, and a social media whiz with millions of followers. Many of the same girls who watched Soleil on television are now grown up with children of their own, too, and they look to her as a go-to source for realistic, in-the-trenches parenting advice, inspiration, and fun. Happy Chaos invites those women into Soleil’s world, and makes them revel in the chaos of their own lives, too. Soleil believes that “happy chaos” is the sign of a family operating at its best-when parents accept that they’ll make mistakes, that there will be messes, tears and skinned knees. She learned to love a jumbled life during her…

I Have Nothing To Wear! ebook by Jill Martin

After writing Fashion For Dummies, TV Personality & Fashion Expert Jill Martin releasing her newest fashion guide book named I Have Nothing To Wear!: A Painless 12-Step Program to Declutter Your Life So You Never Have to Say This Again!*. Published by Rodale Press, Inc. on August 16th 2011, I Have Nothing To Wear, as well as Fashion for Dummies, was co-authored by fashion stylist Dana Ravich. Summary You know the feeling: the anxiety, the dread, and the utter certainty that in spite of all of the options in the overcrowded closet before you, you have nothing to wear. The advent of discount retailers that offer up-to-the-minute fashion trends has only deepened the problem. Though our dresser drawers are overflowing with options, the daily crisis remains the same. Help has arrived! In I Have Nothing to Wear! fashion expert Jill Martin and fashion stylist Dana Ravich have teamed up to create a fun and practical 12-step program that promises to help even the most seemingly hopeless cases. Learn how to edit your wardrobe, figure out the fashion basics, get organized, steer clear of flash-in-the-pan trends, and pinpoint and project a personal style all your own. And have fun along the…

The Sacred Acre: The Ed Thomas Story ebook by Mark Tabb
Non-Fiction , Self Improving , Sports / August 17, 2011

More than one year ago, March 2 2010 for exact, Ed Thomas’ killer sentenced life without parole. Mark Becker, the murderer, convicted for first-degree murder and his plea for insanity was denied by Butler County jury. Now, August 15th 2011, author Mark Tabb releasing an inspiring book about Ed Thomas story titled The Sacred Acre: The Ed Thomas Story. Published by Zondervan, The Sacred Acre: The Ed Thomas Story is an amazing story about an equally amazing man who managed to do great things when all odds were against him. It 256 pages discover that Ed Thomas was able to do great things because he never stopped believing. The Ed Thomas Story also proves that even a double tragedy, an F-5 tornado disaster and Ed Thomas’ murder, is no match for faith, love… and the power of forgiveness. This book contains an incredible story that have already inspire countless people. You will love this book even if you are not a football fan. ebook 1st rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆

Good to Great by Jim Collins ebook
Business , Non-Fiction , Self Improving / August 4, 2011

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t by Jim Collins is a non-fiction self help book in business. First released 2001, the ebook version of it is available since July 19th 2011 published by HarperCollins Publishers. Good to Great written based on a serious research for years. this book contain a lot of opinion that contrary with the public opinion, such as idolize people from outside to make a radical change in a company, which proved to be only a very small effect on companies that have successfully moved from good to great… The one that most resonated for me after reading this book is about the hedgehog concept is one of the key core to change from good to great .. what the hedgehog concept is? you better read this book ASAP to find out.. Summary The Challenge Built to Last, the defining management study of the nineties, showed how great companies triumph over time and how long-term sustained performance can be engineered into the DNA of an enterprise from the verybeginning. But what about the company that is not born with great DNA? How can good companies, mediocre companies, even bad companies achieve enduring…

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers 7th edition
Non-Fiction , Self Improving / August 4, 2011

Widely adopted Modern Language Association Handbook was enhanced in this newest edition, 7th edition. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers Seventh Edition combines a fully updated print volume with a complementary Web site. First released in 1977, this 7th edition was published by Modern Language Association in January 28th 2009. Like it previous edition, the Modern Language Association Handbook gives gradually advice on every aspect of writing research papers, from selecting a topic to submitting the completed paper. Since it was so easy on the eyes, I recommend this non-fiction self help book to high school graduates who have plans to attend college. Summary The MLA Handbook is published by the Modern Language Association, the authority on MLA documentation style. Widely adopted in high schools, colleges, and publishing houses, the MLA Handbook treats every aspect of research writing, from selecting a topic to submitting the completed paper. The expanded, revised, and redesigned sixth edition of the Handbook is a complete, up-to-date guide to documentation style and online research. ebook 1st rating: 7 of 10 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

The Secret Power of Middle Children by Ph.D., Catherine Salmon

The Secret Power of Middle Children: How Middleborns Can Harness Their Unexpected and Remarkable Abilities by Ph.D. Catherine Salmon with Katrin Schumann is a non-fiction combine Catherine Salmon’s research and experiences with real-life stories to reveal what the Middleborns can do. This myth-busting book published by Hudson Street Press in August 4th 2011. Summary This myth-busting book shows how “forgotten” middle children can-and do-rule the world. In this counterintuitive book, psychologist Catherine Salmon and journalist Katrin Schumann combine science, history, and real-life stories to reveal for the first time that our perception of middle children is dead wrong. Using unpublished and little-known research from evolutionary psychology, sociology, and communications, The Secret Power of Middle Children illustrates how adaptive strategies middleborns develop during childhood translate into stronger friendships, lasting marriages, successful careers, and effective parenting. Over seventy million adult Americans are middle children, and forty percent of young American families have middle children. With constructive advice on how to maximize the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of being a middle child, Salmon and Schumann help middle children at any age (and their parents) use birth order as a strategy for success. ebook 1st rating: 8 of 10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆