Neptune’s Inferno: The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal book
Military , Non-Fiction / January 23, 2011

Download Neptune’s Inferno: The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal, a History-correcting book by James D. Hornfischer. The author puts himself among the elite historians. In his book, he corrects the history of America when the war in the Pacific during WW II. This book brings the reader to look at Guadalcanal with a wider and more obvious perspectives. Other Military books: Guderians Tanks, Final Touchdown (The Last Days of East German Power) , 1000 Military Aircraft. Hornfischer’s third outstanding book on the U.S. Navy’s surface forces in WWII will have a ready-made audience because its subject is the naval side of the Guadalcanal campaign of 1942. The campaign began when marines landed on that deservedly unfrequented island to halt the creation of a Japanese airbase that might threaten U.S. communications with Australia. The Japanese riposte inflicted a disaster on the U.S. Navy second only to Pearl Harbor, called the Battle of Savo Island. Over the next few months, the two navies went at each other hammer and tongs in what was probably the most intense naval campaign of the war. The Japanese had an ace up their sleeve in the Long Lance torpedo, the best in the world. The U.S….

eBook Download (pdf): Guderians Tanks
Military / December 9, 2009

Review: This publication describes the painting patterns and marking system applied for German armoured vehicles of armoured, motorised and infantry units fighting in the years 1933 1941.

eBook Download: Final Touchdown (Last Days Of East German Power) (pdf)
Military , Non-Fiction / December 9, 2009

Review: When on October 3, 1990 the re-unification of West- and East Germany became a fact, one of the most powerful armed forces of the Warsaw Pact was deactivated, while only four months later most units were disbanded. Only a very small part of the 700 aircraft and helicopters of the East German armed forces would be integrated in the West German system. This booklet illustrates the aircraft and helicopters of the East German Air Force, Army and Navy during the last months of their operational life within the German Democratic Republic. It also incorporates some photos of East German equipment that has found (temporarily or more permanently) employment in the Federal German Luftwaffe.

Download eBook: 1000 Military Aircraft in Colour (pdf)
Military / December 8, 2009

eBookreview: Features 1,000 color photos of all types of military aircraft from around the world, with a mix of old and new. All photos are fully described with dates and aircraft types. Contains a tremendous range of aircraft types, representing all countries. For aviation enthusiasts and modelers.