Unsaid by Neil Abramson – ebook

Unsaid is a debut book from author Neil Abramson and I hope it is no the last because i fall in love with the way Neil Abramson write the sentences. The language was not just beautifully written but there were a few sentences I shivered with how much I felt while reading them. Unsaid tells an inspiring story about the relationships among people and animals. Published by Center Street on August 4th 2011, this story is powerful and has a real emotional impact, whether you are an animal lover or not. Abramson has done a masterful job of presenting well-developed characters who have known deep pain and disappointment, but learn to focus on hope for a better future. Summary UNSAID is told from the perspective of Helena Colden, a veterinarian who has just died of breast cancer. Helena is forced to witness the rapid emotional deterioration of her husband David. With Helena’s passing, David, a successful Manhattan attorney, loses the only connection that made his life full. He tries to carry on the life that Helena had created for them, but he is too grief-stricken, too angry, and too quickly reabsorbed into the demands of his career. Helena’s animals likewise…

One Day ebook by David Nicholls
Love n Relationship , Romance/Drama / August 11, 2011

First released in April 13th 2004, One Day by David Nicholls has been printed in more than 40+ editions in many languages in America and Europe. One Day is a hilarious and realistic love story of Emma and Dexter. This adult chicklit realistic romance fiction titled one day because author tells Emma and Dexter’s stories through snapshots on one day over the course of twenty years. Summary Emma and Dexter meet for the first time on the night of their graduation. Tomorrow they must go their separate ways. So where will they be on this one day next year? And the year after that? And every year that follows? Twenty years, two people, ONE DAY. From the author of the massive bestseller STARTER FOR TEN. Pros: Excellent characterizations, author captures life’s ups and downs so well. Cons: It is an adult novel, teens reader will feel the story a little bored. A Movie based on this book will available in theater on 19 August 2011 with the same title. ebook 1st rating: 8/10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Along for the Ride ebook by Sarah Dessen

Released June 11th 2009 by Viking Juvenile, Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen has achieve some literary awards such as British Fantasy Award (2010), TAYSHAS High School Reading List (2010), Goodreads Choice Award for Young Adult Fiction (2009), ALA Teens’ Top Ten (2010), Teen Read Award Nominee for Best Read (2010) and since the second of July 2011, Along for the Ride officially has been included into one of New York Times Bestselling book for Children’s Fiction category. The book tells the story of a lonely girl who doesn’t even know she is feeling so. Auden decides to spend her last summer before starting university with her newly re-married father, his exuberant young wife and their baby daughter after she receives a frame from her brother with the inscription “The Best Of Times”. Suddenly, Auden finds that she has nothing to live up to that inscription. And that is what prompts her to make a change, move to a small seaside town and try herself at normal teenage life. And for a girl who has no social experiences, this summer would become a turnaround point in her life. This book is all about being a teenager. There’s humor, romance,…

This Beautiful Life ebook by Helen Schulman
Love n Relationship , Romance/Drama / August 1, 2011

This Beautiful Life: A Novel by Helen Schulman is an adult realistic fiction about family. Published August 1st 2011 by HarperCollins, this book is available in ebook (Including Nook and Kindle), Audiobook (including Audo CD and MP3) and Hardcover version. Living what appears to be an exceptional reality, with financial and career success, access to the good things in life, and a world of hope for the future, the Bergamot family discovers that the royal flush they had been dealt can easily be transformed into, or shown to be, a house of cards. This Beautiful Life is a beautifully written book about an ugly event. It looks into how a family copes with the exposure to which they are subjected as a result of a bad adolescent decision, the repercussions of their actions on each other, and what the event reveals about the family’s strengths and weaknesses. Does stress form character or reveal it? ebook 1st rating: 7 of 10 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews

First Released by St. Martin’s Press on June 7th 2011, Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews is an adult chicklit drama novel about three friends, Ellis, Julia, and Dorie who spend a month in a beach house on the North Carolina coast. On vacation, they meet Maryn Shackleford who is on the run from her past. They trying to help Maryn out without knowing they are putting themselves in danger by doing so. They also meet Ty Bazemore, hot surfer guy which also their landlord. Summer Rental is a wonderful story of self discovery, friendship, change, and acceptance. The descriptions are great and the love story is fun and sweet. It is a wonderful book to read at the beach or curled up on a cold, rainy day – in other words entertaining at any time. ebook 1st rating: 7 of 10 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Faith ebook by Jennifer Haigh
Love n Relationship , Religious / July 27, 2011

A fine piece of storytelling about family drama has been released by Harper in May 1st 2011. Faith: A Novel by Jennifer Haigh is an adult religious contemporary fiction tell a story of Sheila McGann told through her POV. Sheila, who has been moved for years, back to her hometown when Art, both a priest and her older brother, is charged of improper conduct by a parishioner. Shelia starts to find out long hidden family secrets as she examines and searches her own faith, Catholic dogma, and her beliefs about her brother. Although this book was stored in religion novel, but it doesn’t takes a religious tone. It is true that the plot contain Catholicism essential but they do not dominate. It 304 pages will touch you deeply and you will think about these characters and this family long after you turn the last page because this book was equipped with emotions, secrets, regrets, sadness, love and forgiveness. Summary When Sheìla McGann sets out to redeem her dìsgraced brother, a once-beloved Catholìc prìest ìn suburban Boston, her quest wìll force her to confront cataclysmìc truths about her fractured ìrìsh-Amerìcan famìly, her belìefs, and, ultìmately, herself. Award-wìnnìng author Jennìfer Haìgh follows…