eBook Download (pdf): Chicken Soup for the Couple's Soul: Inspirational Stories About Love and Relationships (Chicken Soup for the Soul)
Love n Relationship , Self Improving , Series / December 9, 2009

other good read ebook: Blink – The Power of Thinking Without Thinking Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul: Inspirational Stories About Love and Relationships Mind Control 101: How To Influence The Thoughts And Actions Of Others Without Them Knowing Or Caring Chicken Soup for the Soul – A Christmas Treasury Review: From the creators of the bestselling “Chicken Soup” books comes a new addition to the series that focuses on the universal need to love in 101 true stories about love, commitment, intimacy, family, overcoming obstacles and keeping a relationship alive.

eBook Download (pdf): Turning the Mind into an Ally
Love n Relationship , Self Improving / December 9, 2009

Review: We need a strong, stable mind that can be relied upon as one’s closest ally, and Sakyong Mipham delivers a way to achieve one. Having grown up American with a Tibetan influence, he speaks to Westerners as no one can: relating stories and wisdom from American culture and the great Buddhist teachers in idiomatic English. Strengthening, calming, and stabilizing the mind is the essential first step in accomplishing nearly any goal. Turning the Mind Into an Ally makes it possible for anyone to succeed.

eBook Download (pdf): It's Not You, It's Biology.: The Science of Love, Sex, and Relationships
Biology , Love n Relationship , Psychology / December 9, 2009

Review: At last, here’s what you should’ve learned in high school biology! This paperback edition is an Everyman’s humorous look at the real differences—biological, historical, psychological—between men and women…with fun and provocative insight into what really drives behavior and interactions between men and women. Men talk about women to men. Women talk about men to women. Men and women talk to each other (or try to) about relationships. It’s Not You, It’s Biology provides insight, ammunition, snappy comebacks, and interesting cocktail party banter for everyone who ever wondered why we do what we do vis-a-vis the opposite sex. It’s Freakonomics for the Relationship-Challenged.