Entwined – Heather Dixon (Entwined ebook)

Entwined is a debut book of Heather Dixon. This is a beautifully written fairy tale for teens, it contains humor, lifelike romance, believable magic, and many more outstanding things. Released March 29th, 2011, Heather Dixon has start a remarkable debut with Entwined. With almost 500 pages, teens who normally do not like thick books will make an exception for this “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” retelling book. Narrated from Azalea’s (the oldest Princess) point of view, the book tell the story when Azalea’s mother passes away and her father, the king, leaves and goes off to war, Azalea and her sisters are not permitted to dance. The Princesses find a secret passage and make their way to a dance floor where they can dance undetected. The Princesses go nightly to dance and finally discover that everything Is not as simple as it seems. Entwined – Heather Dixon

CLOAKED ebook Alex Flinn download
Fairy Tale , Paranormal , Romance/Drama , Young Adult / February 4, 2011

Review & Download Cloaked, a different young adult paranormal romance book by Alex Flinn. Like no other YA paranormal book, author tries to offer new ideas in YA paranormal world. A good new breakthrough and also a big gambling on her good name. Published February 8th, 2011, and we’ll see what YA lovers appraisal for this new plot on YA Paranormal World. Other paranormal books: The Iron Witch, Vision of Magic, First Grave on the Right, Halfway Hexed, Wicked Appetite, ad many other ebooks. Like Flinn premise, she gives the YA paranormal romance a twist in this modern fairy-tale mash-up. She gambling with offers YA paranormal lovers to change their mind-set that has been formed for a long time. Some YA paranormal lovers give this book a bad rating (ex: Going as far to kidnap and turn a prince into a frog just so the princess will marry her son? what a stupid reason to turn a prince into a frog!!). They said this book was okay but not so good. bu if you had an open mind and you are a YA paranormal lover and want a new atmosphere in paranormal romance world, then this book was worth to…

Silverlicious (Pinkalicious) by Victoria Kann
Childrens Teens , Fairy Tale , Series / February 1, 2011

Review & Download Silverlicious by Victoria Kann. Other Pinkalicious book: Pinkalicious, Purplicious, Goldilicious, Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink, Pinkalicious: Tickled Pink, Pinkalicious: Pink around the Rink, Pinkalicious: Love, Pinkalicious Reusable Sticker Book, Pinkalicious: School Rules!, Pinkalicious: The Perfectly Pink Collection. Pinkalicious is disappointed when her sweet tooth fall out: “This cookie has no flavor,” she complains. “It tastes like… dirt!” So, using mystifying logic, she askings the Tooth Fairy bring her something sweet to tide her over until her big tooth grows in. She’s instead visited by Carlos Cupid, Edgar Easter Bunny, and elf #351; they bring her requested cares for, but (as she ought to have known after the cookie incident) they taste awful. An unpleasant Pinkalicious finally learns that real sweetness comes from heart.

红楼梦 (Dream of the Red Chamber)
Fairy Tale / January 18, 2011

Download 红楼梦 (Dream of the Red Chamber) by Cao Xueqin. This book is one of China’s four great classical Novels. in wikipedia best-seller single volume novel list, this book are placed in 4th place with over than 100 million copies sold under A Tale of Two Cities, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. ebook review and free download: The novel provides a detailed, episodic record of the two branches of the wealthy and aristocratic Jia (賈) clan — the Rongguo House (榮國府) and the Ningguo House (寧國府) — who reside in two large, adjacent family compounds in the capital. Their ancestors were made dukes, and as the novel begins the two houses are among the most illustrious families in the capital. One of the clan’s offspring is made an Imperial Consort, and a gigantic landscaped interior garden, named the Grand View Garden, is built to receive her visit. The novel describes the Jias’ wealth and influence in great naturalistic detail, and charts the Jias’ fall from the height of their prestige, following some thirty main characters and over four hundred minor ones. Eventually the Jia clan falls into disfavor with the Emperor, and their mansions are raided and…

Iron Fey, book 1: THE IRON KING by Julie Kagawa
Fairy Tale , Series / January 15, 2011

Download The Iron King, 1st book of Iron Fey Series. According to it cover, this book genre is Harlequin Fantasy Teen. Something that makes me love this book is Changeling. Changeling often described as a descendant of fairies, trolls and an imaginary creature in the folklore of Western Europe, Celtic Nations, China and North American indigenous peoples. In the Book of Monsters, Changeling is mentioned as a fairy children left in a stolen human baby as a replacement. Iron Fey Series Installments: The Iron King (Iron Fey book 1) ⇒ Winter’s Passage (Iron Fey book 1.5) ⇒ The Iron Daughter (Iron Fey book 2) ⇒ The Iron Queen (Iron Fey book 3) ⇒ Summer’s Crossing (Iron Fey #3.5) ⇒ The Iron Knight (Iron Fey book 4 – Expected publication October 18th 2011). ebook review and free download: Meghan Chase has a secret destiny—one she could never have imagined… Something has always felt slightly off in Meghan’s life, ever since her father disappeared before her eyes when she was six. She has never quite fit in at school…or at home.

Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne.
Childrens Teens , Fairy Tale , Series / January 8, 2011

Magic Tree House Summary from wikipedia.org: The Magic Tree House series is an award winning series of children books written by American author Mary Pope Osborne. In the first series, consisting of the first 28 books, Morgan le Fay sends Jack and Annie, two normal children from Frog Creek, Pennsylvania, on numerous adventures and missions with a magical tree house in order to help free Morgan from a spell, solve four ancient riddles to become Master Librarians, and save four ancient stories from being lost forever. After the twenty-eighth chapter book, Mary Pope Osborne started a second series called the Magic Tree House “Merlin Missions”. In these missions, Jack and Annie have quests from the ancient wizard Merlin the Magician. These books are longer than the previous 28, and some take place in fantasy realms like Camelot. All together, there are 46 fiction books named. Their titles are listed below. In addition, a number of Magic Tree House Research Guides (nonfiction companions to the series) have been written by the author, her husband Will and her sister Natalie Pope Boyce.[1] These books contain more information about the historical places and events which Jack and Annie visit in the Magic Tree…