The Laws of Prosperity ebook by (Bishop) E. Bernard Jordan

September 4, 2011

Bishop E. Bernard Jordan is well known for his inspirational wisdom, and with this new book, The Laws of Prosperity: Building a Divine Foundation of Success, he’s focused it on a very important topic -surviving during rough economic times. He conversationally guides the reader through adjusting his or her mindset about money, work and other financial considerations, in order to create increased financial blessings in their lives. It’s the right book at the right time!

Released September 6th 2011, it $16 price for Hardcover and $12.99 for ebook version is a worth price for it’s innovating and inspiring wisdom for your financial considerations.

The Laws of Prosperity ebook


In his latest work, E. Bernard Jordan builds on his bestseller The Laws of Thinking to unveil more of the spiritual truths that dictate success and prosperity.

Each of his twenty laws—from the law of employment to the law of values—is broken down into simple explanations and exercises to help the reader better understand their divine purpose.

In this provocative book, Jordan demonstrates that when living in sync with God’s universal laws, economic hardship will disappear—you need only have faith, focus, and fundamental knowledge to succeed.

ebook 1st rating: 7/10

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