Evolutionary Enlightenment by Andrew Cohen

September 28, 2011

Evolutionary Enlightenment: A New Path to Spiritual Awakening by Andrew Cohen with Deepak Chopra is a spiritual enlightenment book with actual samples and practices to realize this new Evolutionary Enlightenment.

Authors does not let you off the hook, but opens up a perspective that recontextualize life at this moment in history when science has demystified myth; yet, at the same time Cohen transmits a powerful experience of the non-dual nature of existance, bridging the gap between science and traditional spirituality. The depth of his mysticism and the breath of his evolutionary philosophy take you on a journey far from the restricted lense of the personal self and a culture than has run aground on its own narcissistic pathology.

Evolutionary Enlightenment by Andrew Cohen is a HIGHLY.. HIGHLY.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BOOK to read…

Evolutionary Enlightenment by Andrew Cohen ebook


In Evolutionary Enlightenment we are presented with an authentic spiritual innovation: a new philosophy, path, and practice of spiritual enlightenment for the twenty-first century, forged through more than two decades of transformative spiritual work with men and women around the world and in serious conversation with leading luminaries from almost every religious and spiritual tradition, both ancient and modern. Andrew Cohen, founder and editor-in-chief of the award-winning quarterly magazine EnlightenNext, has re-envisioned spiritual enlightenment in a completely new context. This context is, as he writes, nothing less than “the fourteen-billion-year epic of our cosmic evolution-a vast perspective that enhances and enlarges to almost infinite proportions our sense of the significance of what it means to be human.”Evolutionary Enlightenment takes readers on an experiential journey into this new perspective, path, and practice. Taken from direct transcriptions of Cohen’s talks and retreats, and meticulously edited by Cohen himself, the chapters in this book combine the powerful transmission of a mystic with the clarity and precision of an original and creative thinker.

ebook 1st rating: 10/10

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