Victory and Honor ebook by W.E.B. Griffin

August 8, 2011

Honor Bound series by W.E.B. Griffin now entering to the sixth installment. Victory and Honor by W.E.B. Griffin with William E. Butterworth IV is the sixth addition to to the series and third Griffin-Butterworth collaboration after Death and Honor and The Honor of Spies. This New York Times bestselling author WEB Griffin’s book has a choppy and sporadic drama and make it 352 pages story more like non-action story because the book tells the switch from combat in wartime to espionage in “peace” time. Published Putnam Adult and is scheduled for release on August 9th 2011, Victory and Honor available in ebook, audiobook, and hardcover version start from $12.99 at B&N.


Victory and Honor ebook

Adolph Hitler is dead and buried outside his bunker, the World War II (WWII) in Europe all but over, but there is no rest for Cletus Frade and his weary OSS buddies. Not only is the agency being raided by other departments for its personnel, its depleted staff must now cope with the furtive activities of former ally Joseph Stalin’s clandestine agents. Victory and Honor races from one world war to what threatens to be the next.

Honor Bound Series books in release order:
#1. Honor Bound
#2. Blood and Honor
#3. Secret Honor
#4. Death and Honor
#5. The Honor of Spies
#6. Victory and Honor
ebook 1st rating: 8/10

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