The Secret Power of Middle Children by Ph.D., Catherine Salmon

August 4, 2011

The Secret Power of Middle Children: How Middleborns Can Harness Their Unexpected and Remarkable Abilities by Ph.D. Catherine Salmon with Katrin Schumann is a non-fiction combine Catherine Salmon’s research and experiences with real-life stories to reveal what the Middleborns can do. This myth-busting book published by Hudson Street Press in August 4th 2011.


This myth-busting book shows how “forgotten” middle children can-and do-rule the world.

In this counterintuitive book, psychologist Catherine Salmon and journalist Katrin Schumann combine science, history, and real-life stories to reveal for the first time that our perception of middle children is dead wrong.

The Secret Power of Middle Children

Using unpublished and little-known research from evolutionary psychology, sociology, and communications, The Secret Power of Middle Children illustrates how adaptive strategies middleborns develop during childhood translate into stronger friendships, lasting marriages, successful careers, and effective parenting.

Over seventy million adult Americans are middle children, and forty percent of young American families have middle children. With constructive advice on how to maximize the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of being a middle child, Salmon and Schumann help middle children at any age (and their parents) use birth order as a strategy for success.

ebook 1st rating: 8 of 10

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