Crunch Time: A Novel of Suspense ebook by Diane Mott Davidson

August 19, 2011

Crunch Time: A Novel of Suspense is the Sixteenth addition to A Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery cooking series by Diane Mott Davidson. Published by William Morrow in April 1st 2011, this 471 pages book begins with the death of a former detective turned PI Earnest. Goldy’s friend Yolanda and Yolanda’s aunt were staying with Earnest because the place where they’d previously lived had burned because of arson. Shortly after Earnest dies, his home is also burned by an arsonist. Goldy, Yolanda, and Ferdinada barely escape with 9 puppies Earnest had rescued from, perhaps, a puppy mill.

As usual, you can find delicious and delectable recipes at the end of the books. There is humor without reducing the tensions of a murder mystery and crimes story. In this book, you have burglary, arson, jewel thefts from distant shores, puppy mills, drugs, and oh yes, murders. That is just the edge in this fine book.

A Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery books in release order:

Crunch Time ebook

#1. Catering to Nobody
#2. Dying for Chocolate
#3. The Cereal Murders
#4. The Last Suppers
#5. Killer Pancake
#6. The Main Corpse
#7. The Grilling Season
#8. Prime Cut
#9. Tough Cookie
#10. Sticks & Scones
#11. Chopping Spree
#12. Double Shot
#13. Dark Tort
#14. Sweet Revenge
#15. Fatally Flaky
#16. Crunch Time

ebook 1st rating: 7/10

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