20 Years Younger ebook by Bob Greene

August 2, 2011

20 Years Younger: Look Younger, Feel Younger, Be Younger! by Bob Greene, Howard Lancer, Ronald L. Kotler, Diane L. McKay is a good tool to remind reader of what they body and mind need to function at optimal levels. Covers everything from diet, exercise, skin care, sleep, attitude and over all happiness. If you watch one of Oprah episode that peel this book, you’ll saw 20 ladies that had followed the plan from this book for two months and gain want they expect.

Published by Little, Brown & Company, this health self help book divided into three basic health aspects, including sleeping and skin care. The big method for staying young as you might expect from Bob Greene is physical exercise.


20 Years Younger ebook

It’s time to turn back the clock! In 20 YEARS YOUNGER, Bob Greene offers readers a practical, science-based plan for looking and feeling their best as they age. The cutting-edge program details easy and effective steps we can all take to rebuild the foundation of youth and enjoy better health, improved energy, and a positive outlook on life. The four pillars of the program are: an exercise regimen for fighting muscle and bone loss, a longevity-focused diet, sleep rejuvenation, and wrinkle-fighting skin care. Woven throughout the text is practical advice on changing appearances, controlling stress, staying mentally sharp, navigating medical tests, and much more. Readers will walk away with a greater understanding of how the body ages and what they can do to feel-and look-twenty years younger.

ebook 1st rating: 7 of 10

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