The Things They Carried ebook by Tim O’Brien

July 12, 2011
The Things They Carried ebook

The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien is a short stories historical fiction about about Vietnam war. First published in 1990, each story told has a deeper meaning than first seen by the reader and they all have life long lessons that will never be forgotten. This novel contains stories about love, war, death, and many more!

The Things They Carried Summary

In 1979, Tim O’Brien’s Going After Cacciato–a novel about the Vietnam War–won the National Book Award. In this, his second work of fiction about Vietnam, O’Brien’s unique artistic vision is again clearly demonstrated. Neither a novel nor a short story collection, it is an arc of fictional episodes, taking place in the childhoods of its characters, in the jungles of Vietnam and back home in America two decades later.

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The Things They Carried Review and Recommendation
The beauty of this book lies not necessarily in the war stories at its center, but rather in the undulating, overlapping entanglements that are people’s lives, in the act of using storytelling as a means of recapturing our histories, bringing the many facets of our so often fragmented selves forward into the present day. The lyrical poetry of O’Brien’s writing combined with the brutality of Vietnam imagery is truly a shock, traumatizing yet powerfully beautiful in its way, and the force of language itself is a revelation.

The Things They Carried was written in a unique way, need several time to check is it true this book is not memoir of a Vietnam war veteran.

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