Faith ebook by Jennifer Haigh

July 27, 2011
Faith: A Novel

A fine piece of storytelling about family drama has been released by Harper in May 1st 2011. Faith: A Novel by Jennifer Haigh is an adult religious contemporary fiction tell a story of Sheila McGann told through her POV. Sheila, who has been moved for years, back to her hometown when Art, both a priest and her older brother, is charged of improper conduct by a parishioner. Shelia starts to find out long hidden family secrets as she examines and searches her own faith, Catholic dogma, and her beliefs about her brother.

Although this book was stored in religion novel, but it doesn’t takes a religious tone. It is true that the plot contain Catholicism essential but they do not dominate. It 304 pages will touch you deeply and you will think about these characters and this family long after you turn the last page because this book was equipped with emotions, secrets, regrets, sadness, love and forgiveness.


When Sheìla McGann sets out to redeem her dìsgraced brother, a once-beloved Catholìc prìest ìn suburban Boston, her quest wìll force her to confront cataclysmìc truths about her fractured ìrìsh-Amerìcan famìly, her belìefs, and, ultìmately, herself. Award-wìnnìng author Jennìfer Haìgh follows her crìtìcally acclaìmed novels Mrs. Kìmble and The Condìtìon wìth a captìvatìng, vìvìdly rendered portraìt of frayìng famìly tìes, and the trìals of belìef and devotìon, ìn Faìth.

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