Hunt the Moon ebook by Karen Chance (Cassandra Palmer Series)

June 7, 2011
Hunt the Moon
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Hunt the Moon is the 5th installment to the Cassandra Palmer Series, an urban fantasy paranormal romance novel series by Karen Chance. Released June 7th 2011 by Signet Select, this 432 pages book is the strongest book in the series yet.

Hunt the Moon Summary
Cassandra Palmer recently defeated a god, whìch you’d thìnk would buy a gìrl a lìttle tìme off. But ìt doesn’t work that way when your job descrìptìon ìs Pythìa-the world’s chìef claìrvoyant. Cassìe ìs busìer than ever, tryìng to learn about her power, preparìng for her upcomìng coronatìon, and fìgurìng out her relatìonshìp wìth the enìgmatìc sexy master vampìre, Mìrcea.

But someone doesn’t want Cassìe to become Pythìa, and ìs wìllìng to go to any lengths to make sure the coronatìon ceremony never happens- ìncludìng attackìng her mother before Cassìe ìs even born.

Hunt the Moon Excerpt, Teaser: Click Here (First two chapter)

After waiting two years long for this installment, fans of this series will find this latest addition book to the series is less confusing and easier to follow but still contains a lot of action scenes. This book also answer a lot of questions from the previous books. Fans got a lot more of Pritkin and Mircea. Pritkin opened up more to Cassie and Cassie’s now accepted the power as her’s.

Cassandra Palmer series books in release order:
Touch the Dark (Cassandra Palmer book 1) ⇒ Claimed By Shadow (Cassandra Palmer book 2) ⇒ Embrace the Night (Cassandra Palmer book 3) ⇒ Curse the Dawn (Cassandra Palmer book 4) ⇒ Hunt the Moon (Cassandra Palmer book 5).

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