Before I Go to Sleep ebook by S.J. Watson

June 11, 2011
Before I Go to Sleep
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Before I Go to Sleep is a contemporary mystery thriller novel by S.J. Watson. The book original release date is April 28th 2011, and on June 14th 2011 it re-released by HarperCollins in ebook, Kindle and Hardcover editions.

Before I Go to Sleep Summary
‘As I sleep, my mìnd wìll erase everythìng I dìd today. I wìll wake up tomorrow as I dìd thìs mornìng. Thìnkìng ì’m stìll a chìld. Thìnkìng I have a whole lìfetìme of choìce ahead of me …’ Memorìes defìne us. So what ìf you lost yours every tìme you went to sleep? Your name, your ìdentìty, your past, even the people you love – all forgotten overnìght. And the one person you trust may only be tellìng you half the story. Welcome to Chrìstìne’s lìfe.

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Book Review:
Due to an incident in Christine’s past she finds out with the help of a doctor Nash that she has Amnesia and when she goes to sleep at night her mind goes back to either as a child or as a young woman. In order for her to remember things she does through her days and memories that come to her she write them down in a journal. Right from the start it seemed strange that Ben would continually lie to her about her past and i wondered what was the connection with her old friend Claire. It is established that her problem’s went back to a violent incident at a hotel but she could not remember who it was that attacked her even after visualizing the incident in her mind. I thought i knew who the person was but was gobsmacked by how it turned out.

This 368 pages author debut book was amazingly terrifying in psychological terror about someone who has seemingly lost herself. Reader will feel main character emotions of confusion, terror, sadness and hopelessness.

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