What Happened to Goodbye ebook by Sarah Dessen

May 2, 2011
What Happened to Goodbye

What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen is a Young Adult Contemporary Romance Novel about a girl who reinvent herself each time she move (she her father move often). Once she was Beth, another time Eliza, and even Lizbet. Each name had a different personality. In her latest town, Lakeview, she found a desire to be McLean, her real self. With the help of Dave, the boy next door, and her real friends, she discover who she really is.

Author does such a good job of showing her readers about the importance of relationships and that knowing who you are first is key in understanding how others work. This is a satisfying and powerful story that would ring true for any teenager trying to answer the question, “who am I?”

This 416 pages book first released April 19th 2011 in Kindle Edition, The Book also available in Hardcover, Audio CD/Audiobook and eBook Editions on May 10th 2011.

What Happened to Goodbye Summary

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