A Time For Patriots ebook (Patrick McLanahan #17) by Dale Brown

May 11, 2011
A Time For Patriots Book

A Time For Patriots is the 17th installment to the Patrick McLanahan series, a military-thriller novel series by the New York Times bestselling master of the modern thriller, Dale Brown. First released April 21st 2011, the book re-released on 10th May 2011 by HarperCollins Publishers. This 384 pages book is the newest addition to the series.

A Time For Patriots Review: The financial industry collapses taking down the stock markets with it. The American economy is in free-fall. Newly elected President Phoenix and the Congress radically slash the federal government spending and reduce tax rates to their lowest in decades as they heed what happened to those in the last TARP intervention; safety networks are slashed with the massive reductions. Three types of groups emerge: local vigilante protecting small pockets of people loosely aligned with The Civil Air patrol; murderous terrorist cells; and stragglers with no camp available. The Knights of the True Republic ambush an FBI unit protecting radioactive substances. They kill the agents and steal the dangerous material planning to launch a dirty bomb on the federal building in Reno. The Civil Air Patrol’s Nevada Wing led by retired Air Force Lieutenant-General Patrick McLanahan hunt the Knights hoping to prevent the destruction of Reno. Fans will welcome the exciting return of not by the book McLanahan (see Executive Intent) though he plays the same shallow character he has been in the numerous tales when he was active duty and retired. This time he is accompanied by his equally underdeveloped teenage son who joins him in doing it the McLanahan way or no way as this pair is caffeine coffee drinking Cessna pilots. Extremely fast-paced with a powerful premise of what the impact of sudden massive cuts in spending and revenues mean, readers will enjoy father and son as they team up to try to save Nevada from the terrorist Knights. -Harriet Klausner-

A Time For Patriots (Patrick McLanahan #17) Summary

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