The Final Storm: A Novel of World War II in the Pacific by Jeff Shaara

May 16, 2011
The Final Storm World War II Novel

The Final Storm: A Novel of World War II in the Pacific by Jeff Shaara is the fourth book of World War II series, a historical fiction novel about the heroism and sacrifice that defined the WWII. Although its a series, you can still read this book as a standalone book.

The Final Storm is a wonderful look into the lives of American military personnels, strategians, and President during THE FINAL STORM of the Pacific which lead to the surrender of Japan and the end of WWII. Author delivering the frightening conditions the military faced in these final battles for the Philippines, Mariana and Peleliu Islands where more than 6000 Marines lost their lives. We’re witness to the strategic divisions of General MacArthur, Admiral Nimitz, and General LeMay. We follow Private Adams from his home in New Mexico to the caves, mud, and Japanese sniperfire on Sugar Loaf Hill in May, 1945. And we imagine the conversation between Captain Tibbets and the men aboard the Enola Gay with the bomb to end the war in the pit of the aircraft.

The Final Storm Summary

World War II books in release order: The Rising Tide (book 1) ⇒ The Steel Wave (book 2) ⇒ No Less Than Victory (book 3) ⇒ The Final Storm (book 4).

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