Where She Went – Gayle Forman (Where She Went eBook)

April 4, 2011
Where She Went ebook

Where She Went is the sequel/2nd installment book of If I Stay Series, the first book of the series is If I Stay. The book author, Gayle Forman, launch the book in April 5th, 2011. Where She Went ebook is a Love and Romance Young Adult novel with Mia and Adam as the main characters.

Not like the first book which told through Mia’s eyes, in this sequel, Gayle Forman tells the story through Adam’s perspective. This is his story, his journey, his memories through flashbacks of the past with Mia, and without. The story take place 3 years since If I Stay end. This is about consequences of that survival .Adam’s voice which Forman uses for this book is that of pain . Pain that can only from being left behind . Success and stardom has come to him but the uncertainty of all things past continues to haunt. The standoffish nature usually misjudged as arrogance has become second skin to Adam. A possible result of the heartbreak that happened 3 years ago and it will take more than just an neat explanation to set it all right.

Where She Went (If I Stay Series #2)

If I Stay Series in release order: IF I Stay ⇒ Where She Went

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