My Unfair Godmother eBook by Janette Rallison

April 12, 2011
My Unfair Godmother

My Unfair Godmother is a second addition book to the My Fair Godmother series by Janette Rallison. Although this book is for children and teens readers, if you are a sensitive reader you must aware that the book contain some violence. Released on April 12 2011, the book retelling the Robin Hood and Rumpelstiltskin story and it teaches some important lessons.

Tansy is dating the wrong boy and her date with him goes horribly wrong . She ends up at the police station at the end of the date. She is attracted to the boy in the police station , but dislikes when she first meet him. He happens to be friends with her brother Nick. When her wishes get mixed it, and stuck in the middle ages, she learns alot in the middle ages about what really matters. She also gets to know more about Hudson, the cute boy from the Police station.

My Unfair Godmother (My Fair Godmother #2) by Janette Rallison

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