Mercy / Mercedes Thompson 6th ebook: River Marked

March 16, 2011

River Marked is the 6th installment book (and the last one) of Mercy Thompson / Mercedes Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs. Again, Patricia Briggs wrote a good sequel for this urban fantasy series. This last book published March 3th, 2011 and available in ebook version. River Marked contains romance story more than the previous books, it tells about Mercy and Adam’s Honeymoon.

River Marked Mercy Thompson 6

As usual, Mercy presence like always “attract” danger to her. Mercy and Adam quickly detect there’s a river monster haunting and killing and people in the river. Not recognising what kinda magic rules this monster Adam finds it was wise not to involve the pack or ask the fae for help. This led Adam who as a wolf can’t swim, Mercy, and some bizarre natives must arrange a plan to demolish this monster, and they possibly surprised who comes to help them in that mission.

Mercy Thompson Series in release order: Moon Called ⇒ Blood Bound ⇒ Iron Kissed ⇒ Bone Crossed ⇒ Silver Borne ⇒ River Marked.

River Marked by Patricia Briggs

It was a strong action book with a soft section where the magic layer was laid down. Depending on how a reader feels about Native American religion may influence where they rank this one on the shelves.

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