Statistical Consulting ebook

February 12, 2011

Like It title, Statistical Consulting by Javier Cabrera and Andrew McDougall is statistics consultation book for every statisticians. Available for mass selling since December 1, 2010, this book get compliment from The American Statistician as the most ideally suited book to teaching a comprehensive statistics class at the undergraduate of graduate level for Understanding Statistics. With weight 406 pages, this book will become your private consultant for Statistics.

Statistical Consulting

This ebook contains a desirable balance of materials with statistical methodology, oral and written communication skills, and rich case studies that can easily be implemented. it also Contains informative and complete discussions for the a lot of aspects of consulting in well-balanced proportions that would make using the book for a textbook delightfully straightforward. The collection of case studies is divers in disciplines considered and level of difficulty, and seems to focus on interesting problems that students will find highly motivating. a valuable resource for statistical consultants, both beginning and established. A Must ebook to downlaod for Statisticians.

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