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February 14, 2011
Life of Pi

First published on 2001, Life of Pi has been printed in 10 editions so far. Life of Pi by Yann Martel has became one of the 21st century best book and won a numbers of literally awards including Governor General’s Literary Award Nominee for shortlist (2001), Man Booker Prize (2002), Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction (Canada) (2001), Exclusive Books Boeke Prize (2003). It main character is Piscine (Pi), a boy who trapped on a lifeboat with a Bengal Tiger. At the first time there are also other animals in the same lifeboat, Zebra, Hyena and female Orang Utan, they came with different ways. But they can’t survive and die before a half of the book.

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Life of Pi

Life of Pi told with a little jumping plotline. The growth of Pi’s religious sense was described with quite witty. Grew up in the modern middle-class India family (call it secular), Pi is always restless in spiritual matters. He studied Christianity and Islam with search his own teacher. He became it a strange teenager because he practice Hindu teachings but also asked for a Catholic baptism and then perform prayers facing the Qiblah each time it time comes.

I NOT recommend reading this book partially, you must read the book gradually. Most contents of the book is about Pi life for seven months in lifeboat with Richard Parker (the Bengal Tiger). Martel Succeed to make us feel the adventures and his loneliness in the middle of Pacific Ocean. I feel what Pi’s feels, my heart pounding, feel his despair and my eyes was teary..
Highly Recommended ebook to download.

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