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January 31, 2011
Artemis Fowl

Review & Download Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. Another series from All-time Best-seller Series books List.

Artemis Fowl in release order:
Artemis Fowl (2001) ⇒ The Arctic Incident (2002) ⇒ The Eternity Code (2003) ⇒ The Opal Deception (2005) ⇒ The Lost Colony (2006) ⇒ The Time Paradox (2008) ⇒ The Atlantis Complex (2010)

Summary From Wikipedia:
Artemis Fowl is a series of novels written by Eoin Colfer, starring a teenage criminal mastermind named Artemis Fowl II. Artemis Fowl, the main character, is a ruthless and extremely intelligent young (human) criminal whose main goal is the acquisition of money through a variety of often illegal schemes. There are many settings in the series, including Iceland, Siberia, Chicago, Taiwan, Morocco, France and various places in Ireland. One main setting that has been in all the books is the Lower Elements.

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