Billi SanGreal book 2: Dark Goddess download

January 24, 2011
Dark Goddess e-book

Review & Download Dark Goddess, a second installment book of Billi SanGreal (Some People Call this series as The Devil’s Kiss Series) by Sarwat Chadda. Billi’s character in this second book is more developed, she more interacted with her father, so it is more convincing their relationship as father-daughter instead of two peoples who fought alongside. Although Arthur is still treat her more like a Templar than a daughter, but it makes sense considering their circumstances. (Related books with Billi SanGreal: Crossed, Bloodshot, Play dead, etc.)
Billi SanGreal books in Release order: The Devil’s Kiss (Billi SanGreal, #1) ⇒ Dark Goddess (Billi SanGreal #2).

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