Demon Trilogy Prequel Book: Brayan’s Gold download

January 25, 2011
Brayan's Gold e-book

Review & Download Brayan’s Gold, a prequel novella of Demon Trilogy series by Peter V. Brett. You can download Previous Demon Trilogy book here.
Demon Trilogy series books in release order: The Painted Man / The Warded Man (Demon Trilogy #1, 2008) ⇒ The Desert Spear (Demon Trilogy #2, 2010) ⇒ The Daylight War (Demon Trilogy #3, 2011), and one Novella, Brayan’s Gold.
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Brayan’s Gold is a short Novella (88 pages), but this is a Good complement companion for the main series. This prequel Novella’s drawn about Arlen and how he meets a snow demon on his first solo job. Since you have already know that Arlen exist in the main series, so it’s OK to say that in this book, he survive from his dangerous adventure.

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