Charlie Hood Series Novel book

January 8, 2011

L.A. Outlaws (Charlie Hood Series #1) e-book free downloadThe Renegades (Charlie Hood Series #2) e-book free downloadIron River (Charlie Hood Series #3) e-book free download

Get the first 3 series to prepare for the fourth series which will published in January 11, 2011. Charlie Hood Series is a Novel book by T Jefferson Parker. Parker’s stories usually have one protagonist, and occasionally part of the story will be shown from the antagonist’s point of view. His stories usually build suspense as the protagonist tries to prevent further crimes. The crimes depicted in the story are usually gruesome acts, which cause much unrest in the town where the story is set. Parker is renowned for use of California settings and depicting the effects of crime on a community. He draws on his experience as a lifelong California resident. Although most of his work is set in Orange County, he has relocated to San Diego and some of his more recent writing is set there.

Charlie Hood release order:
L.A. Outlaws (Charlie Hood Series #1) ⇒ The Renegades (Charlie Hood Series #2) ⇒ Iron River (Charlie Hood Series #3)The Border Lords (Charlie Hood Series #4)

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