Download eBook: Microsoft Windows Vista Administration

December 24, 2009

Your Hands-On Microsoft Windows Vista Administration GuideSet up and manage Windows Vista in the enterprise using the detailed information contained in this authoritative resource. Microsoft Windows Vista Administration shows you how to leverage Vista’s powerful new productivity, security, and management tools to give your business the competitive edge. Inside, you’ll learn to design and implement Windows Vista installation and migration plans, create network connections, configure Internet services, and utilize Vista’s remote access features. You’ll also learn to secure your Windows Vista environment, proactively prevent performance problems, and tune Vista PCs.Plan and execute enterprise Windows Vista installations and migrationsImplement Vista’s next-generation TCP/IP and DNS featuresConnect to and navigate wired and wireless networksEnable enterprise-wide collaboration and communicationConfigure Remote Assistance and Remote DesktopCreate and manage users, accounts, privileges, rights, and permissionsSecure Vista PCs and networksCustomize and use Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Information Server 7Set up and configure Vista on mobile devices, laptops, and tablet PCsMonitor, tune, and troubleshoot Vista machines.

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